Arseny Tokarev  -  founder ELTA music

Arseniy Tokarev- founder, inventor and creative Manager at ELTA music

                    Welcome to ELTA music!   

The young company ELTA was founded in Moscow in 2014 by musician and creative person  Arseniy Tokarev .  

ELTA originally an acronym and stands for Electro Laboratory Tokarev  Arseniy.   Starting with guitar effects, ELTA moved to the synthesizers and now is growing up in two directions. Today the company consists of two people, as well as independent developers, installers and designers. All devices are produced in Moscow by a small group of specialists. Another direction of ELTA music, modding and restoration of soviet synthesizers. 

   Since 2017 the company has been working as a new experience of production, with a legend of Soviet musical manufacture Vladimir Kuzmin (The inventor of the POLYVOKS, MAESTRO, KVINTET and others).