Welcome to the world of SOLAR 50

            SOLAR 50 is the unique analogue performance oriented electronic music instrument that is designed for creating movie soundtrack, atmospheric sound, microtonal music, background music and super polyphonic electro symphonies. Variations of sound you can create with «SOLAR 50» are really great. Solar 50 is inspired by early electronic musical developments of the last century, particularly Leo Theremin's instrument called “Harmonium” and other weird Soviet synths like ANS.

      No midi, no presets, no volt-octave. Only experimental, sensitive   approach and spontaneous sounding.

            SOLAR 50 consists of 10 voices, each voice has its own volume. All voices are divided into groups of 5 units for the right side and for the left side and mixed by the MAIN MIXER where the Knob 01-05 sets the volume of 5 left voices and the knob 06-10 sets the volume of 5 right voices. Also, there are external audio input and volume PIEZZO knobs on the MAIN MIXER. All audio signals go to a 12 dB analog filter from POLYVOX synthesizer, which is controlled by voltage. From the filter, audio signals enter the effector (with cartridges) which is controlled by CV as well - the same circuit is used in ELTA music CONSOLE pedal. Here, the BLEND knob sets the effect level. The VOLUME knob sets the overall volume WET OUT. To process a pure voice signal by external effects, there are DRY OUT L and DRY OUT R which are clean outputs for both groups of voices. When being used, these outputs are dropped out from the general mixer and no longer go to the filter and to the effector. Then you can return one of the processed channels to EXT AUDIO input so you can create stereo sounds. In this case the contact microphone inside the keyboard always goes to the filter and to the effector by default. It also controls the ENVELOPE follower / Gate detector, or you can choose to connect an external microphone, electro-musical instrument or guitar.

           PRE-ORDER  PRICE   - 1000 EURO with world wide shipping.  

    If you agree to pay for pre-order SOLAR50,  choose one of the payment methods and drop us an e-mail at  sales@eltamusic.com   your full name, address and a phone number for courier delivery.  We will invoice you for payment.


             1. Via PayPal  sales@eltamusic.com ( Add commission PalPal We can bill you )   -  1050 EURO

2. Via Bank acсount in Euro, USA Dollars or  GB Pounds  -   1000 EURO





2017-2020   ELTA music   -   Moscow, Russia

contact:                         sales@eltamusic.com

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