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Quantum VJ is an 8-bit glitch style electronic pendant, audio visualiser and video generator. You can connect any sound source to this device via a mini-jack (synthesizer, player) or pick up external sound on the built-in microphone ( random conversations, wind or music). It can also visualise some electromagnetic interference. There are 9 display modes that can be switched with a button.
This is a great pendant decoration for techno parties.

Idea and development Alexander Zolotov




•size: 54x17 mm;

•9 display modes.
•display: 128x64 monochrome OLED;
•power: CR2032 battery (not included). Enough charge in active mode for about 24 hours.
•two 3.5mm TRS jacks. Audio input, and audio output.


Discounted price 45 EUR

Free shipping  

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