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SOLAR 42 is a unique experimental electro-music instrument, an analogue microtonal ambient drone machine. It will inspire you to find a new and spontaneous approach to composing music. It gives you the ability to create a multi-layered, massive sound. The instrument is oriented for live performances, creating film soundtracks, theatre soundtracks, atmospheric sounds, microtonal and background music.  It is an improved version of the older SOLAR 50 model. The instrument was inspired by early electronic musical instruments of the 1920s and 1950s, notably Leo Theremin's «Harmonium» instrument, as well as science fiction film soundtracks. 


    Does not look like a classic synthesiser, which may confuse the user as it looks very complicated.  In fact, it is easy to use.  It has 8 voices as separate blocks, a mixer with pan and double effector,
and various CV blocks.

s42 logo.png



-Two v/octave VCO voices with different waveform variations,

morphing and touch sensitive keypad controller for volt octave voices

-Six drone voices with separate push-button keypad 

-Two white noise generators 

-Two S&H generators 

-Five LFO generators 

-5 step sequencer 

- Joystick

-Preamp for contact mic + envelope follower

-Stereo mixer with panoramic left and right channels

-Dual  analogue 12 dB  POLIVOKS filter

-Dual cartridge effector-combiner with CV control

Now you can load a different effect on each channel

-Stereo audio output. Dry audio outputs volt octave voices. External audio input