CONSOLE effects pedal with interchangeable cartriges. From Reverb and Shimmer to Bit crusher and Glitch effect. 

There are 12 cartriges available for start. Each contains 3 effects.

Cathedral - Reverb and space effects

Magic - Pitched delays

Digital - Bitcrusher, sample rate manipulator

Generator - Oscillator FM, LFO and Filter sound generator.

Time - Classic Mod delays

Vibrotrem - Modulation efects

Filter - Filter and Wah

Vibe - Rotary phase mods

Pitch Shifter - Octave and Pitch

Infinity - Big ambient effects

String Ringer - Audio rate modulation

Synthex-1 - Bass Synth

Learn more about the effects in the cartrige manual below.

Console comes with Cathedral, Magic, Digital and generator cartriges. If that is not enough, choose any other for 20USD each. More info below in Cartrige manual.

2017-2020   ELTA music   -   Moscow, Russia


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